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Since 2004, South Street Securities has established itself as a well-capitalized player in the securities finance business and prides itself on its strong operational and technology platform and teams. Established in 2020, our Equity Finance Team has the perfect combination of skill, knowledge, technology and abundant relationships that could help service all of your short covering and financing needs.

Our goal is to be a truly niche player in the specials (hard-to-borrow) space, as well as provide multiple solutions regarding the financing of securities and/or collateral.

  • Services Include: Locates, Easy-to-Borrow list, Short Sale Approvals, Historical / Daily Rate Information, Fail Coverage, Research and Commentary.

  • Products Include: Matched Book Trading of: Hard-to-Borrows, ADR’S / GDR’s, ETF’s, GC, Funding Driven Trades and Cross Collateral Trades.

Tony Venditti                                                
Head of Equity Finance                                        
Work: (646) 809-6926 | Mobile: (732) 804-5915                                

Frank Giusti                                    
Director, Trading   
(646) 809-6906

Doug Wilkinson                                                       
(646) 806-6926                                           

Raghu Veeramallu                                 
Lead Technology Developer  
(646) 806-6927     

Colleen Judge                                     
Business Development Specialist, Marketing                        
(646) 808-2197                                     


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Equity Finance

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